Music Engine

AI at the service of Composers
To create high quality, personalized soundtracks

The most ambitious composers create memorable and uniquely personalized scores. Our Music Engine was built to scale and supercharge your creative process.
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A Music Engine designed for Composers
Supercharge your creativity
Quickly create original themes or upload your existing work to generate thematic variations for an endless supply of ideas, and the end of writer’s block.
Personalised music
Impose stylistic focus to meet your musical requirements and those of your clients, while using the serendipity built in our generative systems to aid you even outside of your creative comfort zone.
Creative freedom
Ideas are meant to evolve and expand. Download any track created with AIVA as a MIDI, for use in your own workflow. The possibilities for orchestration and improvements are endless.
How it works
Compose with influences
Compose with presets
Download & Improve
Use temp tracks to control the composition process
  • If you need to create an original score that has a similar emotional impact as another existing score, you can search for & select that temp track to bias the composition process on
  • Watch "Search influence" in action
  • If the influence you are looking for is not available, you can always upload your own MIDI files
  • Watch "Upload MIDI" in action
    No licensing headache
    Like a track you just created with AIVA? Need to use it for your own commercial activity? No problem. Professionals who make their living by writing and selling music can opt for our Pro plan and are hereby granted permission to use tracks created partially or fully with AIVA without any restriction of time, geography or medium.
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  • Unlimited track creation
  • 3 downloads p/ month
  • Non-Commercial use
  • Copyright owned by AIVA
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    Standard Annually
    €19.99 p/month, billed yearly
  • Unlimited track creation
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Non-Commercial License
  • Copyright owned by AIVA
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    Pro Annually
    €39.99 p/month, billed yearly
  • Unlimited track creation
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Commercial License
  • Full Copyright Ownership
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